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Bareboat sailing charters on Lake Superior’s Canadian Coast and Isle Royale, the Jewel of the US national park system.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself skippering a sailboat with your family and friends across the waters. Wind on your face. Surrounded on all sides by picturesque landscapes. Feel your worries and stress fall behind in the boats wake. Breathe in the clean fresh air. Anchor your boat in a deserted cove. Go for a hike in the unspoiled nature. Grill some steaks on the barbecue. Lean back and get lost in the spectacular evening sky.

Welcome to Sail Superior Bareboat Charter Rentals.

We are located in Thunder Bay, the gateway to Isle Royale and Lake Superior’s rugged and remote Canadian Coast. Now within your grasp are places such as: Isle Royale, Thompson Island, The Sleeping Giant, Black Bay, Horseshoe Cove, Otter Cove, Loon Harbour, Red Rock, Nipigon Bay, Battle Island, Rossport and the Slate Islands…to name just a few.

One thing that must be mentioned is the strength of the US dollar; saving on all your provisioning costs while here. Fuel prices are also much lower and that’s a good thing for those of you driving up to sail with us.

We are also happy to announce the addition of a mid size sailboat to our fleet. It’s a Kirie Elite 326 DI; well equiped and perfect for a group of 4. It has a swing keel allowing easy access to some of the remote bays and anchorage other vessels dare not enter. This boat “La Magouille” French for the Joker, is fully equipped and has options such as spinnaker or asymmetrical, and best of all one way charters so you can see more of the north shore and not need to rush back over the same cruising area you just sailed. For example take it on a three or four day trip from Thunder Bay to Red Rock, and leave it there. Or do the Slate islands on a week long trip leaving the vessel in Rossport.

Dare to Sail Superior’s Canadian Coast

Download an 800KB pdf of FRODO our 40ft bareboat – layout photos and 2018 price list:

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Download an 800KB pdf of La Magoullie our 32ft bareboat – layout photos and 2018 price list :

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Vessel Availability Calendar:
Available except where blocked by charter’s initial and vessel name. Tentative bookings are marked HOLDING. Confirmed bookings are marked CONFIRMED

CALENDAR UPDATE IN THE WORKS – Please call or email for availability. 8076283333,

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