"Beyond the Giant Eco Retreat"
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  • Looking up the Sleeping Giant's toes from Thunder Cape, Lake Superior
  • Clear turquoise waters of Lake Superior's Black Bay. Sailing with Sail Superior's flagship Frodo a 40 ft Jonmeri sloop
eco retreatLake Superior Weddingsliderseanair21Looking up the Sleeping Giant's toes from Thunder Cape, Lake SuperiorClear turquoise waters of Lake Superior's Black Bay. Sailing with Sail Superior's flagship Frodo a 40 ft Jonmeri sloopNWO_TB_SAIL SUPERIOR-001-LOW

Skill Level

Stamina to be sailing for up to 6 hours, possible waves in excess of 3 ft, for short periods. Moving in and around the sailboat. Disembarking into a dingy to get to shore.


2 Person $1395
2 Person (romantic package) $1595
Group of 4 (small cabin) $1695
Group of 4 (large cabin) $1795
Group of 4 (2 separate cabins) $1895
Group of 6 (large cabin) $1895
13% HST tax not included  

See “Add-ons” for more options

US$, CDN$, VISA, MC, Discover and Amex accepted on board.

Featured Packages
Booking is dependent upon the availability of lodging at Beyond the Giant Nature Retreats.


The Beyond the Giant Eco Retreat package combines a full day of adventure sailing with a stay at a wonderful off the grid eco-retreat. Nestled in a scenic bay, Beyond The Giant Nature Retreat is not a resort. The hand-crafted log cabins offer you the feel of a rustic environment with the benefit of luxurious amenities. Peace and tranquility is a priority. The cabins are off the grid, low impact and sustainable with solar power and indoor plumbing.


We’ll sail from Prince Arthurs Landing Marina in Thunder Bay out to the Beyond the Giant Nature Retreat. On the way, you will sail up close to the fabled Sleeping Giant and Trowbridge Lighthouse. You will pass by the historic community of Silver Islet into scenic Black Bay. Experience the beauty of the Thunder Bay area and the serenity of sailing on Lake Superior. On board our expertly captained sailing vessel, you will feel a rush as the wind fills the sails and propels us silently and gracefully forward through the water. The boat will gently lean and pick up speed. You can sit and relax on the deck, watch the scenery pass by and feel the waves roll under you.

Once at the lodge, you’ll spend your nights in a cozy lakeside cabin and your days exploring the pristine wilderness. Hundreds of miles of uninhabited coastline, designated as the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA), surrounds the Beyond the Giant Nature Retreat. Hike, fish, kayak and relax. With an abundance of wildlife in the area, you will have the opportunity to see and hear moose, deer, eagles, osprey, peregrines, otters, beavers and wolves from your cabin or by visiting the park a short distance away.

Romantic Package

Arrive to a table set with candles, wine, and a basket filled with freshly baked bread and locally made cheese. A continental breakfast will be provided in your cabin the first morning, to be eaten at your leisure. For your dinner, choose two of the delicious freshly made stone baked, thin crust pizzas (gluten free upon request). On your next morning, breakfast will include traditional Finnish pancakes topped with Canadian maple syrup, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and a side of breakfast sausages. Have your choice of juice and coffee or tea with this tasty meal.


Pack your own provisions for your adventure or upgrade to the couples Romantic Package to feast on local cuisine. See “Add-ons” for meal options on the sailing voyage.

Here is a basic suggested packing list for your adventure: Packing List

Book any 2 days available. Need not be a weekend!

Drive-In-Sail-Back or Sail-In-Drive-Back options are also available. Drive out and stay at the retreat. Then sail back. Or, while you’re traveling by sailboat, your vehicle can be brought to the retreat. See “Add-ons” below.


Because we coordinate with "Beyond the Giant" resort, all bookings are by request.


Please call or text ahead for same day last minute availability.

Tel/Text: +1.807.628.3333



Add-on Price (13% HST not included)
Vehicle transportation to or from resort $95
Catered lunch for sailing excursion (per person) $35