"Hike ‘n Sail: Spar Island"
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Ontario Signature Experience Zodiac Adventure TourThunder Bay corporate outings and team building Ontario Signature Experience Zodiac Adventure TourOntario Signature Experience Zodiac Adventure TourOntario Signature Experience Zodiac Adventure TourOntario Signature Experience Zodiac Adventure TourOntario Signature Experience Zodiac Adventure TourLake Superior Sailing Trip Packing List

Skill Level

Stamina to be sailing for up to 4 hours, possible waves in excess of 3 ft, for short periods. Moving in and around the sailboat. Disembarking into a dingy to get to shore. Courage to jump into Superior after a searing Finnish sauna. Hiking on moderate to advanced trails.


Group (up to 6) $1195
13% HST tax not included  

See “Extended Trips” for longer excursions

US$, CDN$, VISA, MC, Discover and Amex accepted aboard.

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Theme-Badge_Signature-ExperienceWHERE YOUR ADVENTURE TAKES YOU

This Lake Superior Hike and Sail Adventure takes you to a very special and seldom visited area. Spar Island is Located about 20 Nautical Miles south south west of Thunder Bay. Accessible only by watercraft, it has a beautiful all-weather bay. Embark on this adventure out past the Welcome Islands and Pie Island.



Experience the beauty of Thunder Bay and Lake Superior on this Lake Superior Hike and Sail Adventure. Step aboard an expertly captained sailing vessel. You will feel a rush as the wind fills the sails and propels us silently and gracefully forward through the water. The boat will gently lean and pick up speed. You can sit and relax on the deck, watch the scenery pass by and feel the waves roll under you.

Embark on this full day sailing adventure and enjoy a closer view of the iconic Sleeping Giant, and the entire panorama of the city of Thunder Bay. Wonder at the massive flat top mesas of Pie Island and the Nor’Wester Mountains as we pass by them. Relax and watch the cloud shadows silently glide across the stunning landscape. Our captains are knowledgeable and skilled interpretive guides and will point out landmarks and give you the opportunity to take photos on this Lake Superior Hike and Sail Adventure.


Hike a short distance (750m) up through the pristine boreal forest. As you climb higher the forest will give way to exposed rock and vegetative scrub. The environment reflects the raw beauty and power of Lake Superior. Continue upward and you will reach the TOP of the WORLD lookout. The high cliffs offer breathtaking views! Experience the expanse of Superior’s open water. Look south and marvel at the magnitude of the lake’s largest island, Isle Royale. In the distance, you can see Thompson and Pie Island’s tall tableland mesas.

Return for a delicious meal aboard, or a scenic shoreside fire and a refreshing dip in Lake Superior. We will sail back across the bay as the sun gets lower in the sky. You will get to enjoy Thunder Bay from a different vantage point. The best views of the city are from the water! Finish off by cruising around the manmade break wall, and back to Pier 3.

Each excursion is unique, as Lake Superior always has something to say about what you will see and which direction you will take. Always an abundance of wind for sailing but rarely the same direction or force.


We recommend you bring a cap, windbreaker, water bottle, camera, sunglasses and sunscreen. You will need two pairs of shoes. One pair for the boat and one pair for hiking. Your boat shoes should be nonmarking – most running shoes work well. Your hiking shoes should be footwear that you have used and trust, blisters are no fun. Hiking boots, hiking shoes or comfortable and sturdy running shoes are examples of appropriate footwear.

Bring a lunch and snacks or let us provide the food for your adventure for a small charge. We provide potable water on board for those of you who can’t quench your thirst for adventure. Life jackets and PFD also provided.

Take an extended excursion with an overnight on Thompson Island or two night trip that also overnights at the base of the 1000 ft high Sleeping Giant.

See extended trip prices under the “Extended Trips” panel.


Total Trip Length 11.5 hrs (8 AM - 7:30 PM)
Passengers 1 - 6
Guided by a seasoned captain Included
Generous provisions aboard $30/person/day upon request
See "Extended Trips" for longer excursions.
Please arrive no later than 15 min before your scheduled time.


Monday Daily by request
Tuesday Daily by request
Wednesday Daily by request
Thursday Daily by request
Friday Daily by request
Saturday Daily by request
Sunday Daily by request


Public Tours

Payments for individual Zodiac ToursHarbour ToursWine and Cheese CruisesWelcome Island Excursions and Basic Sail classes are due in full at the time of booking.

Private Tours & Groups

For private group Harbour Sailing Tours , Zodiac Tours and Wine and Cheese Cruises, 50% of the payment is due at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due 14 days before the event. Reservations for Big Lake Adventures and specialty charters require a 50% deposit at time of booking with the balance due upon departure.

Private group reservations and payments must be handled through one group representative only.

Advanced online reservations*

*At least one day in advance

Zodiac ToursHarbour ToursWine and Cheese CruisesWelcome Island Excursions and select Big Lake Adventures are available for online reservation. When booking online, your credit card will be charged at the time of booking as per our Booking Policy. We accept payment from all major credit card companies.

Please call or text ahead for same day last minute availability.
Tel/Text: +1.807.628.3333

Visa, MC, Amex, USD or CDN cash, is accepted on board. If paying by credit on board, please arrive 15 minutes early to allow for card processing.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

All reservations canceled at least two full weeks prior to the scheduled trip date are refunded 85% of fare (15% administration fee). If a reservation is canceled within two weeks of scheduled trip date, there is NO REFUND.

You MUST call us (+1.807.628.3333) to cancel a reservation prior to the trip date or no refund or transferable credit will be made.
PLEASE, be sure of your trip before booking.

100% transferable credit will be issued for the following circumstances the day of the charter:

  • If there is a Small Craft Advisory in effect by Environment Canada at the time the charter begins, and, the client wishes not to sail.*
  • If there is continuous rain and lightning just prior to the start of the charter which is expected to last the duration of the reserved charter, and, the client wishes not to sail.*

*For out of town guests or special reservations that are canceled due to the two prior circumstances and cannot be rescheduled, 85% of the fare will be refunded (15% retained for crew standby and preparation).

Often, the weather on Lake Superior differs from the weather on shore. It is best to call us, text us or come down to the marina to confirm conditions.

If WE cancel a trip due to weather or any other conditions, you will receive a FULL REFUND of all fares. Once a charter begins there will be no refunds unless due to the inability of Sail Superior to continue the reserved charter.

Age Groups

Student Enrolled at a post-secondary institution
Senior 65 years and older
Youth 11-17 years of age
Child* 3-10 years of age
Toddler* 2 years and under
Family 2 adults and 3 youth
*Must be accompanied by an adult. If more than one child is present, one adult and individuals over the age of 15 must accompany them.

Where to Meet

Arrival time is typically 15 minutes before any adventure and the meeting place is at our boats:

Pier 3 Slip 13 Marina Park, Thunder Bay, ON

We look forward to your arrival! You may park free of charge in one of the three parking lots along the waterfront. You are welcome to drop off people and belongings at the boats before parking.

See our Contact page for more information, a map of our location and detailed directions.

Weather & Routing

Sail Superior.com reserves the right to change destinations and or routing in the interest of passenger and vessel safety.


Small Craft Advisory: To alert mariners to sustained (more than two hours) weather or sea conditions, either present or forecast, that might be hazardous to small boats. The decision as to the degree of hazard will be left up to the boatman, based on his experience and size and type of boat. The Small Craft Advisory is an advisory in Coastal Waters and Nearshore forecasts for sustained winds, frequent gusts, or sea/wave conditions, exceeding defined thresholds specific to geographic areas. A Small Craft Advisory may also be issued when sea or lake ice exists that could be hazardous to small boats.

Eg. Eastern (Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario) – Sustained winds ranging between 25 and 33 knots (except 20 to 25 knots, lower threshold area dependent, to 33 knots for harbours, bays, etc.) and/or seas/waves 5 to 7 feet and greater, area dependent.

Extended Trips

Trip Times Price (13% HST not included)
Day and a Half  10:00 AM – 3:30 PM+1 $1795
Two Day 4:00 PM – 1:30 PM+2 $2495
Up to 6 passengers for day trips, 5 passengers for overnight (unless camping ashore).
Here is a suggested packing list for your extended trips: Packing List
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