"Sleeping Giant Thunder Cape & Hare Island"
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  • Sleeping Giant's head looking across Sawyers bay. Sailboat Frodo anchored in the bay.
  • Shrouded in fog, the head of the Sleeping Giant.
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Rocket workupDSCF1528NWO_TB_SAIL SUPERIOR-006-LOWBExotic1Sleeping Giant's head looking across Sawyers bay. Sailboat Frodo anchored in the bay.Shrouded in fog, the head of the Sleeping Giant.DSCF1550DSCF1559DSCF1482DSCF1485DSCF1502

Skill Level

Pregnant woman, people with neck/back injuries, are advised not to take this tour. Under certain conditions the waves can create a jarring experience. Children under 10 are not allowed to take the high speed Zodiac tours. Hiking on moderate, advanced and expert trails.


$135 / Person

$1295 / Group ( up to 12)

9:00 AM to 2:00 PM (5 hrs)
Park access fees included

Min 6 persons for tour to go
13% HST not included

$135 + HST


Cruising around Lake Superior’s Canadian shores is an Ontario Signature Experience! Located about 13 Nautical Miles east of the city out across the Bay of Thunder Bay lies the Sleeping Giant, the large landmass at the end of the Sibley peninsula. The Sleeping Giant is an icon and mascot to Thunder Bay. It resembles an extraordinarily large person lying on their back, toes extended and arm folded across the chest. Known as Nanabijou to the local Anishinaabe, this giant was turned to stone when the secret location of the old silver mine now known as Silver Islet was disclosed to the white men. OR as another legend has it, was turned to stone in punishment for sinking the white men’s boat and drowning them to keep the silver mine safe. The Sibley Peninsula contains a unique red sandstone sedimentary rock formation that dates back 1.5 billion years. At Thunder Cape, the very tip of the Sibley Peninsula, there is a migratory bird observatory open to visitation. Trails up to the top of the Giant offer spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Experience the crystal clear waters and magnificent vistas of the world’s largest freshwater lake. Embark on a 5hr trip out past the Welcome Islands to Sawyers Bay located behind the Giants head. Hike through the boreal forest stop atop the high cliffs, 1000 feet above the water, to view the expanse of Superior’s open water. The hike up the giant will take you about 60-90+ min each way at a non stop walking pace. The head trail is considered an extreme trail. (2.5 hrs return as tested by fit millennials) The chest moderate to a advanced. (3 hrs return, as tested by two 8 year olds and a mid 50 yr old captain) The views are magnificent. You may want a quick dip in the lake after finishing your hike. Each excursion is unique, as Lake Superior always has something to say about what you will see and which direction you will take. Always an abundance of wind for sailing but rarely the same direction or force.




Total Trip Length 5 hours
Length of time on the Water 2 hours
Trail walking is self guided 3 hours for trail hiking.
Water voyage guided by a seasoned captain. included
Generous provisions aboard. Upon request $30/person/day
Park access fees Included


Monday Private Group by Request
Tuesday Private Group by Request
Wednesday Private Group by Request
Thursday Private Group by Request
Friday Private Group by Request
Saturday Private Group by Request
Sunday Private Group by Request


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