The Superior Rocket ExperienceJune 15, 2018
Superior Rocket Tour

The Superior Rocket cruising along the towering cliffs of the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

The Superior Rocket Experience! 

For those of you who prefer to go VERY fast and too see more of the Lake Superior scenery, this is for you. There are endless options available for those who want to explore the landscape surrounding Thunder Bay. With Sail Superior you can hike the Giant! cruise out to the historical Porphyry Island Lighthouse, or tour up the Kaministiqua River. Regardless of the journey and weather, you will be in for a comfortable and thrilling experience!

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 What to Expect 

Even on the gloomiest of days, you will have fun. I am talking from my personal experience.  As a captain (in training) for Sail Superior, I spend the majority of my day on the water or preparing the vessels for our daily tours.

Our first excursion on the Superior Rocket was a foggy and chilly May afternoon. We left from Prince Arthurs Landing and arrived at the Sleeping Giant 40 minutes later! This would normally take 3-4 hours by sailboat. Now I know you’re thinking, that must be a cold ride. WRONG. Sail Superior provides full-length Mustang™ floater suits, gloves, and googles for its passengers. So you stay warm and dry! 

For those of you that are familiar with the always changing water conditions of Lake Superior might be concerned with how the Rocket will handle in big waves. There is no need to worry! The 30foot RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) Superior Rocket, equipped with twin 250 Evinrude engines, is designed for planing over the surface of the waves. Making the voyage across Lake Superior comfortable and fast! Even in rough water conditions! 

Also, our Superior Rocket tours are Pet-Friendly! Share your boating and hiking experience with your canine buddy! 

What NOT to Expect

If you are anticipating a relaxing, calm and quiet day on the water, you will be disappointed. The captains will do their best to keep everyone happy and comfortable, however, this experience is meant to be thrilling and fast moving. If you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful day on the water, we recommend exploring our Lake Superior Sailing Tours

Sail Superior does not recommend Zodiac travel for expectant mothers, people in frail health, or those with neck or back concerns. Instead, we recommend one of our unique and scenic Harbour Sailing Tours or our  Big Lake Adventures by sailboat.

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  Hang on and Enjoy your Sail Superior Experience! 

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Winter Hiking in the Sleeping Giant Provincial ParkApril 12, 2018

Hiking the Giant in the Winter

Hiking the head of the Giant in the Winter

Hiking, sailing, and rock climbing are all part of a long list of exciting outdoor activities that are easily accessible in Thunder Bay. Within 20 minutes you can be down at the marina jumping on a boat for an afternoon excursion on Lake Superior or fishing at your friend’s inland cabin. But that’s summer. Winters in Northwestern Ontario can be long and cold if you don’t take advantage of the snowy conditions.

My girlfriends and I plan weekly adventures and heart pounding activities to motivate us to go outside during the winter. Our most recent excursion involved hiking the snow packed trails of the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. We decided to make the challenging hike to the top of the head.

It takes approximately six hours to hike from the parking lot to the head and back. And approximately eight hours, round trip, to hike to the knees of the Giant. The trail to the head is fairly flat for the first 7 km and becomes very steep for the last 2km. There are many useful signs along the way but the trail can split and some routes can turn out to be longer than expected.

Hiking the trails can be very challenging in the winter and therefore the following precautions should be taken:

Hiking in the Summer

In the summer this amazing lookout is easily accessible by hiking, mountian biking, and even sailing. Sail Superior has also introduced a 30 foot Zodiac to its fleet this season. This will allow hikers to cruise over from the marina to the trail head in under 70 minutes. From the drop off point in Sawyers Bay, the head of the Giant trek is approximately a two hour return trip.

The Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is open year round and is a highly recommended hotspot for any outdoor enthusiast. Not only does it have the most spectacular view of Thunder Bay, but it is also home to many native species. This includes wildlife species such as deer, red fox, grey wolf and black bears. Additionally, over 200 bird species have been identified within the park through the help of the Thunder Cape Bird Conservatory. The Conservatory occupies the tip of the Sibley peninsula and is accessible through the hiking trails provided by The Sleeping Giant Provincial park. A map of the hiking trails are available at the entrance to the park.