Redeeming your Sail Superior Gift CertificateJune 15, 2018

Redeem your Gift Certificate in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1. Find your Gift Certificate Number

You will receive an email to notify you that you have received a Gift Certificate.

The email will let you know who the certificate is from and what it is for (specific tour or dollar amount).

The code you need is at the top of the email. See the photo below. The code is circled in red. 

Step 2. Go to and find your Tour

Visit to find the tour you have been gifted (certificate for specific tours) or find a tour to spend your gift certificate on (certificate for a dollar amount).

In this example, the certificate is for a Harbour Sailing Tour for 2 Adults.

From the homepage, I hover over “Harbour Sailing Tours” and select “Harbour Sailing Tour 90 Min” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Choose a Date and Time

Once you are on the tour page, read over the tour description and details.

When you have finished reading click the red “Book Now” to pull up the booking calendar.

In this example, the certificate is for a Public Tour.

On the calendar, select your date. I select June 20th.

Selecting a date will bring up tour times and details.

Select the tour time you would like by clicking the green “Book Event”. I select the 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm tour.

Step 4. Create your Booking

Select the number of people you are booking for.

In this example, I am booking for 2 Adults. When you have selected the number of people, scroll down and click “Continue”.

Scroll through the page as you review your tour details, enter your personal and contact information and read and agree to our terms and conditions. When you are finished click “Continue”.

You will be sent to our secure checkout page.

Step 5. Redeem your Gift Certificate!

On our checkout page, review your tour and then click the blue “Gift Certificate” icon. Enter your Gift Certificate code and click apply. You have now booked. You will receive a confirmation email with your tour details.

Enjoy your Lake Superior Adventure!


How to use Sail Superior’s New Adventure FinderApril 27, 2018

Looking for Adventure? Try our New Adventure Finder!

We’ve designed a great new website feature to help you plan your perfect Lake Superior Adventure.

Follow along as we walk you through our user-friendly Adventure Finder. The link below will open up our Adventure Finder in a new page.

Open Sail Superior’s New Adventure Finder!

1. Choose your Tours and Tour Options

Click the “Choose your Tours” tab. A list of our tours will appear below the tab.

Choose the tour or tours that you are interested in by clicking the tour title(s). Choose the “Pet-Friendly” option if you want to see our Pet-Friendly tours.

Click the green “Update” button to see our next available Adventures matching your selections.

2. Choose your Dates

Click the “Change Dates” button next to the green “Update” button OR click the “Choose your Dates” tab next to the “Choose your Tours” tab.

A calendar will appear under the “Choose your Dates” tab. Click the arrow icons at the top of the calendar on either side of the month to change the month. To choose one date, click it twice. To choose a range of dates, click the first date and then the last date. Your selected date(s) will be highlighted in blue.

Click the red “Cancel” button to exit the calendar. Click the green “Apply” button to see our available tours matching your selections on your chosen date(s).

3. Explore your Options

A list of tours will appear below. They are organized by date, type and time. Click “Learn More” to see the tour status, description, price, duration and a link to the tour page. For the tour status, a yellow thumbs-up means that the tour still has lots of room. A green thumbs-up means that the tour is guaranteed to go and still has some room.

4. Book your Adventure

Click the “Book Event” button to open a booking window. Choose the number of passengers you are booking with the “+” and “-” buttons and then click the “Continue” button.

Your booking window will refresh and show a summary of your booking. To continue your booking, fill out the form (name, phone number, email, city, etc). Make sure to carefully read our Terms and Conditions. This section has important information about your Adventure. When you have completed the form and read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions, click the green “Continue” button at the bottom of the page.

You will be redirected to our secure payment page. Enter your payment and billing information and click the green “Pay” button to complete the process.

Once you have completed the process. You will receive a confirmation email.

5. Enjoy your Lake Superior Adventure

Have an unforgettable experience with Sail Superior!