The Superior Rocket ExperienceJune 15, 2018
Superior Rocket Tour

The Superior Rocket cruising along the towering cliffs of the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

The Superior Rocket Experience! 

For those of you who prefer to go VERY fast and too see more of the Lake Superior scenery, this is for you. There are endless options available for those who want to explore the landscape surrounding Thunder Bay. With Sail Superior you can hike the Giant! cruise out to the historical Porphyry Island Lighthouse, or tour up the Kaministiqua River. Regardless of the journey and weather, you will be in for a comfortable and thrilling experience!

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 What to Expect 

Even on the gloomiest of days, you will have fun. I am talking from my personal experience.  As a captain (in training) for Sail Superior, I spend the majority of my day on the water or preparing the vessels for our daily tours.

Our first excursion on the Superior Rocket was a foggy and chilly May afternoon. We left from Prince Arthurs Landing and arrived at the Sleeping Giant 40 minutes later! This would normally take 3-4 hours by sailboat. Now I know you’re thinking, that must be a cold ride. WRONG. Sail Superior provides full-length Mustang™ floater suits, gloves, and googles for its passengers. So you stay warm and dry! 

For those of you that are familiar with the always changing water conditions of Lake Superior might be concerned with how the Rocket will handle in big waves. There is no need to worry! The 30foot RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) Superior Rocket, equipped with twin 250 Evinrude engines, is designed for planing over the surface of the waves. Making the voyage across Lake Superior comfortable and fast! Even in rough water conditions! 

Also, our Superior Rocket tours are Pet-Friendly! Share your boating and hiking experience with your canine buddy! 

What NOT to Expect

If you are anticipating a relaxing, calm and quiet day on the water, you will be disappointed. The captains will do their best to keep everyone happy and comfortable, however, this experience is meant to be thrilling and fast moving. If you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful day on the water, we recommend exploring our Lake Superior Sailing Tours

Sail Superior does not recommend Zodiac travel for expectant mothers, people in frail health, or those with neck or back concerns. Instead, we recommend one of our unique and scenic Harbour Sailing Tours or our  Big Lake Adventures by sailboat.

Sailing Tours

Lake Superior Sailing Tours

  Hang on and Enjoy your Sail Superior Experience! 

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Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

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Choose from our many Sailing and Rocket Tours 

Spend your Father’s Day on the water
Treat your Significant Other to a Wine and Cheese Tour
Hike to the top of the Sleeping Giant
Cruise up the Kaministiqua River

Superior Rocket Tours! New!

Treat the man in your life to a thrilling day out on the water! Spend the day exploring the Historical Harbour Front and the shoreline of the Kaministiqua River. Enjoy the ride in any weather. Our full body floater suits will keep you warm and dry on those wavy Lake Superior days. Cruise out to the Sleeping Giant and hike up the head trail from Sawyer’s Bay. Or visit some of Thunder Bays unique Lighthouses!

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Sailing Harbour Tour 

On this unforgettable Harbour Tour. You will get out on the water, sail up close to the lakers and salties, look up at the massive grain elevators dominating the city shoreline, get incredible views of the Sleeping Giant and pass by the historic Thunder Bay Main lighthouse. Finish off by cruising around the manmade break wall, and back to Pier 3.

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Wine and Cheese Tour 

Have an unforgettable night on our Thunder Bay Sailing Wine and Cheese Tour. Choose between our scenic sunset cruises and our peaceful twilight harbour cruises. Or try both! Share this truly unique experience with friends and family or a significant other. Halfway through our scenic cruise, we’ll set the anchor and you can open your own bottle of wine, sample our assortment of local and imported cheeses from the Cheese Encounter and watch the sunset, or the city lights and stars emerge.

Father's Day

Treat your Man to a Day on the Water! 

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Happy Father’s Day!

Discover North-western Ontario Wildlife with Sail SuperiorMay 3, 2018


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Sail Superior Sailing and Zodiac Tours!

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Bring your pet along for a boat ride and hike on some of the most remote Islands on Lake Superior.

Share the experience with your best friend! 

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Visit The Thunder Cape Bird Conservatory!

Take a Sailboat or a  Zodiac Rocket ride to the Thunder Cape Bird Constervatory. Hike 6.5 km from Tee Harbor to the Conservatory at the feet of the Giant. Enjoy the view from the point and learn about the local bird species. Then sail back to the Thunder Bay Marina. 

Sail and Hike with Sail Superior

Sail to the remote Islands of Lake Superior.

Check out the pristine forest and crystal clear water. 

Share your afternoon with amazing wildlife while hiking through Ontario’s Boreal Forest. 

Hike to the top of 1000 foot cliffs. 

View Thunder Bay from the highest points!

Don’t forget about our Pet-friendly Options! Spoil your dog with a hike up the Giant!


Sitting on the Head of the Giant



How to use Sail Superior’s New Adventure FinderApril 27, 2018

Looking for Adventure? Try our New Adventure Finder!

We’ve designed a great new website feature to help you plan your perfect Lake Superior Adventure.

Follow along as we walk you through our user-friendly Adventure Finder. The link below will open up our Adventure Finder in a new page.

Open Sail Superior’s New Adventure Finder!

1. Choose your Tours and Tour Options

Click the “Choose your Tours” tab. A list of our tours will appear below the tab.

Choose the tour or tours that you are interested in by clicking the tour title(s). Choose the “Pet-Friendly” option if you want to see our Pet-Friendly tours.

Click the green “Update” button to see our next available Adventures matching your selections.

2. Choose your Dates

Click the “Change Dates” button next to the green “Update” button OR click the “Choose your Dates” tab next to the “Choose your Tours” tab.

A calendar will appear under the “Choose your Dates” tab. Click the arrow icons at the top of the calendar on either side of the month to change the month. To choose one date, click it twice. To choose a range of dates, click the first date and then the last date. Your selected date(s) will be highlighted in blue.

Click the red “Cancel” button to exit the calendar. Click the green “Apply” button to see our available tours matching your selections on your chosen date(s).

3. Explore your Options

A list of tours will appear below. They are organized by date, type and time. Click “Learn More” to see the tour status, description, price, duration and a link to the tour page. For the tour status, a yellow thumbs-up means that the tour still has lots of room. A green thumbs-up means that the tour is guaranteed to go and still has some room.

4. Book your Adventure

Click the “Book Event” button to open a booking window. Choose the number of passengers you are booking with the “+” and “-” buttons and then click the “Continue” button.

Your booking window will refresh and show a summary of your booking. To continue your booking, fill out the form (name, phone number, email, city, etc). Make sure to carefully read our Terms and Conditions. This section has important information about your Adventure. When you have completed the form and read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions, click the green “Continue” button at the bottom of the page.

You will be redirected to our secure payment page. Enter your payment and billing information and click the green “Pay” button to complete the process.

Once you have completed the process. You will receive a confirmation email.

5. Enjoy your Lake Superior Adventure

Have an unforgettable experience with Sail Superior!

Historical Lighthouse Tours of Lake SuperiorApril 26, 2018

porphyry lighthouse tour

Porphyry Point Lighthouse Tour. Looking down at the Lighthouse Keepers Residence from the top of the lighthouse.

Historic Lighthouses of Lake Superior

In 1867, Ignace Lighthouse made history by becoming the first lighthouse along Lake Superior’s north shore. Since then, numerous lighthouses were built to protect ships from the unforgiving shoreline of Lake Superior. Many of those lighthouses are still visible today. However, all of the lighthouses surrounding Thunder Bay must be accessed by boat. Fortunately enough, Sail Superior provides both sailing and zodiac tours to all of the islands. 

Thunder Bay’s Main Lighthouse

You don’t have to travel far in Thunder Bay to view the Main Lighthouse. It is one of the most iconic structures in the Thunder Bay harbor. The Main Lighthouse is unfortunately closed to the general public. However, it still makes for a great sail and walk along the break wall.

Porphyry Point Lighthouse

The most famous lighthouse on the north shore is the Porphyry Point Lighthouse. In addition to the lighthouse, Porphyry Island is also known for its geology and flora. One of the most notable species of flora being the Devils Club. This tall thorny shrub is found nowhere else in Ontario. In fact, there have been no other sightings east of the Rocky Mountains.

Porphyry Island is also known worldwide through the book The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter. This novel tells the story of the family that once occupied Porphyry Point.  A must read for lighthouse enthusiasts. 


Monday Lighthouse Special

Sail Superior is excited to announce the new Monday Lighthouse Special. This unforgettable tour will take you from Thunder Bay’s Waterfront to the Porphyry Point lighthouse and back. Due to the introduction of the new Zodiac Rocket, passengers can now get to offshore destinations faster. Furthermore, for only $149 plus tax, passengers can now spend 3 hours exploring the island and 2 hours enjoying a scenic ride on Lake Superior. This exciting tour leaves every Monday at 9 am and can seat up to 12 people.

Upon arrival, passengers can climb to the top of the lighthouse and view the gorgeous coastline from the island’s highest point. Hike around the lighthouse keeper’s residence and explore the rugged rocky beaches of Lake Superior.

Thanks to the help of the Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior Inc, Porphyry Island’s many historical structures continue to be maintained and the history preserved. Sail Superior welcomes everyone to come out and see this hidden gem. 

May 4th Fundraiser

Each year the Canadian lighthouses of Lake Superior host an annual fundraiser at the Prince Arthur Hotel. Funds raised go towards maintenance and upkeep of lighthouses. This year’s fundraiser pays tribute to the lighthouse keepers who once occupied the structures we see today. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Prince Arthur Hotel, tickets include a sit down meal and access to more than 25 penny auction items. 

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