Pets on Boats

So your pet said "I want to Go
on Lake Superior"

We have three great big Newfoundland dogs and a very small Shitzu mix.  They all do well on the boat. But there are things to consider before you bring your pet aboard.

LOCATION: Thunder Bay, Ontario - Lake Superior


Space is limited. Pets can only accompany you on a private charter. This means you are booking the entire vessel for your tour. Open tours or what we call public tours can not accommodate a pet. There are no exceptions to this rule*.

*A reservation does not need to be made for a registered guide or hearing dog, they are welcome aboard free of charge. All tours accept registered guide animals.

We are very excited to be able to offer our guests the opportunity to bring their companions along on our trips! Here are a few guidelines and tips to make the trip safe and enjoyable for you, your pet and the other guests in your party:

  • It is advised to make a reservation for your pet in advance. However, walk-ons are welcome and accepted based on availability.
  • Pets must travel with their owners. For safety reasons, there will be designated seating for you and your pet. Pets must be able to be leashed to the vessel.
  • Pet owners are responsible for the care and feeding of their pet.
  • Your pet should have a properly fitted collar or harness, as well as an identification tag with current contact information.
  • Senior dogs, small-breed dogs, puppies, dogs with short legs and double coated dogs are all considered to be less than ideal swimmers. With these types of breeds it is recommended that you use a life-jacket or flotation device.
  • Pets can get sunburned! Especially the ears, paws and nose are very susceptible to sunburns. Most children sunscreens will be safe for dogs but we recommend contacting your vet for a list of options.
  • On hikes, we have a poop and scoop policy, we ask that you please clean up after your pet.
  • There is a small $5 fee for each pet traveling on-board with the exception of registered guide and hearing dogs, which are carried free of charge. The $5 is to reserve a spot for your pet and equip the boats with basic pet cleanup equipment. All of the proceeds will go to a local animal shelter/charity.
  • Be aware that longer zodiac rides can be physically stressful on a pet as they cannot hold on to the boat, especially if there are big waves
  • In the event of a pet becoming agitated by the stress and sound of the boat, the captain will have the final say as to whether the pet is capable of continuing on the tour.
  • Owners are financially responsible for any incurred costs from having to cut a trip short or extend a trip because of a lost or injured pet.
  • Owners are entirely responsible for their pet’s behaviour and it shouldn’t interfere with the operation of the vessel.
  • We have three Newfoundland dogs. They may be on board. They are exceptionally friendly and will most likely want to say hello. They have a dedicated watch station and do not roam free.

We know that you really want to bring your pet with you, and we want you to too! It is important to consider that some trips are not suitable for all pets. Please ensure that your pet is sociable and will not disrupt the crew and your guests.

Use your discretion when considering bringing your pet. If you are uncertain about how your pet will behave on-board, please Contact Us to make arrangements prior to booking your tickets (ie. arrange to bring your pet to the marina to visit us first).  In most cases, there are no issues and a pet and its owner will both enjoy their tour.

We have put policies and procedures in place to mitigate pet-related incidents and make your experience safe and enjoyable. We must still, however, remind pet owners that they are financially and legally responsible for any injury or property damage their pet causes or incurs.

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