Trans Superior Safari

A six day expedition in a 30' ocean class Zodiac Hurricane RHIB.

Discover the rugged and isolated Canadian shoreline of Lake Superior. Embark on this epic safari from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie with Sail Superior's Superior Rocket. See over 550 Nm (1000km) of the world's largest freshwater lake.

With multiple segments to the tour, choose one day or multiple days and explore select regions as you've never seen them before. From winding river travels to cascading waterfalls, enjoy the warm welcome of traditional Finnish saunas and historical coastal communities.

Practicing 'Leave No Trace' principles throughout the trip, learn proper methods used in backcountry camping and minimalistic travel.

  • Departures: 08h00-08h30 Aug 1,2021 to Aug 6, 2021
  • Duration: 1-6 days 10hrs/day
  • Meals: Daily Lunch and Dinner included.
  • Zodiac Rocket
    Capacity: Maximum 10 Persons

    All weather PFDs, (Mustang Floatation Suits) and goggles included. 

  • From $675 to $795 per person per segment +HST
  • $5565 per person for the entire expedition +HST
  • High wind can cause large waves. We will adjust speed and route to minimize the affect but be prepared to encounter possible rough conditions on the Zodiac. Hiking varies from  Medium to Hard (optional).

This is an absolute MUST for anyone visiting Thunder Bay. In addition to offering unique views of Thunder Bay from the water, these tours, and their amazing professional and knowledgeable staff, gave us the unique one-of-a-kind Lake Superior experience we were looking for. I can't emphasize enough how special these tours made our weekend
Nicholas, Sail Superior Guest

Tour Highlights

Day One: Aug 1, 2021 Thunder Bay to Silver Islet (80 Nm)

Day 1 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

Day 1 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

Departing from Thunder Bay we head south along the rugged shoreline to Pigeon River, the beginning point of Canadian waters in Lake superior. Continuing northeast, we cruise along in the company of countless islands that will remain with us until the Slates.

The first stop of the day is a hot sauna nestled in the protective water of Thompson Island where Chef Jen will prepare our first of many shore lunches. Comforted by the warmth of cedarwood and nourished by the smoke infused simplicity of fireside cooking let this be the start of an unforgettable journey. 

Continuing on, we travel in the shadow of Pie Island towards the heights of the Sleeping Giant. Past the lighthouses at Angus and Trowbridge, the eerie mineshaft of the once richest silver mine in the world, on to the ever famous Sea Lion before heading to the rich stories of Silver Islet. The day comes to a close with a peaceful dinner at the newly constructed General Store.

Day Two: Aug 2, 2021 Silver Islet to Red Rock (70 Nm)

Day 2 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

Day 2 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

With promises of exploration and new discoveries, the second leg of the Safari shares destinations like Sand Island and the wreck of the Kakabeka protected deep in her depths. Traveling across the Montreal channel, by Porphyry Island and Black Bay, Isle Royal lingers in the distance with whisperings of a land far away. Showcasing #10 lighthouse, Lamb Island and the Nipigon Straights,  the jewel of this leg comes by way of the hidden waterfall harboured in Otter Cove. A short 5 minute hike unveils a near 100ft waterfall surrounded by soaring cliffs and inviting bathing pools. A sheltered oasis offering recluse and adventure, enjoy a brief stop to explore surrounding trails and forest treasures.

Forging on to our final destination, find dinner and rest within the Red Rock community full of life, history and waterfront treasures. 

Day Three: Aug 3, 2021 Red Rock to Ross Port (80 Nm)

Day 3 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

Day 3 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

Leaving north, we cruise up the Nipigon River past the famous Nipigon bridges spanning highway 11/17. This is as far north as we go before returning back towards Nipigon Bay to the historic Nipigon River Pictographs. Cruising onward past Blind channel we are looking for Paradise Island to discover the raised beaches at 'Blueberry Hill'. Passing by Talbot Island we head to Battle Island for some hiking and lunch before docking at Rossport for the evening.

Day Four: Aug 4, 2021 Day Four: Rossport to Marathon (70 Nm)

Day 4 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

Day 4 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

Passing over the Gunilda wreck site on the way to the Slate Islands. This section of the trip follows the archipelagos along the Canadian shoreline as well as Pic Island and the Slate Islands. It’s here where you may see a historical mine site or the woodland caribou who call it home. Born from the rebound of a meteorite crater, these islands have stories to tell. Continuing to Marathon's Cummings Beach launch, this is where the day’s story ends

Day Five: Aug 5, 2021 Marathon to Wawa (120 Nm)

Day 5 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

Day 5 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

Travelling south along the eastern shore of Lake Superior we head up the White River to a suspension bridge and swimming hole. Then back to the coast at the mercy of the open fetch, on we go, towards Pukaskwa National Park, and Michipicoten Island (the name means big bluffs), home to woodland caribou. Concluding the day in Wawa, you’ve just completed one of the longest stretches on the lake between safe harbours.

Day Six: Aug 6, 2021 Wawa to Sault Ste. Marie (120 Nm)

Day 6 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

Day 6 Track of the Trans Superior Safari

Departing Wawa with the Sault in your sights, this segment of the expedition presents one of the most spectacular and varied coastlines in the world. Bays, rivers, high cliffs, valleys, sand beaches, quaint coves, islands, shoreline rock pictographs, all set against the endless vista of the inland freshwater sea, Lake Superior. With landmarks such as Gros Cap, riverside Sault and ultimately the Bondar Marina, exploration abounds.

Capacity and
Departure Times

  • Departure times: Each day between 08h00 and 08h30. Aug 1st 2021 to August 6th 2021.

  • Individual reservations and pricing. Maximum capacity of 10 persons. 

  • Duration: Choose the length of trip that suits you. Pick one day or select days or the entire safari. Day Two to Day Five will include an overnight and return transportation to Thunder Bay. The return coach will include scenic stops at Ouimet Canyon and Terry Fox lookout. Day One and Day Six will be day only trips from Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie respectively. Return transportation is provided.

  • Booking: Reservations are available per person. Choose and book each segment individually. You may skip segments, take only one or do the entire safari. 

  • Good To Know: To ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all passengers, take a look at our suggested 'Packing List' to best prepare for your adventure.

  • All shore lunches and dinners included. Breakfast we leave up to you. With a collection of culinary treasures along the way, each evening you'll find yourself enjoying a new local specialty. The coach ride home will have a light lunch and various snacks. 

  • Sightseeing: A opportunity around every bend, the picturesque landscapes, native wildlife and regional legends deliver bountiful memories.  

  • Hiking: With a variety of destinations, there is the option for numerous hiking excursions  ranging in difficulty from light to difficult.  

  • Washroom facilities: The Rocket is not equipped with a head. This trip includes moments of front country camp-style adventure and often primitive restroom accommodations. The Sail Superior crew will come prepared with necessary supplies and knowledge so everyone can feel confident and comfortable!  We may be hours at a time between stops. Please keep this in mind when booking. Backcountry eco friendly practises will be taught.

  • Save Time! 

    Download the waiver for all on-shore adventures here and bring it with you on tour day. 

Zodiac Rocket

Ready to Book?


  • Day one or six $675.00 + HST 

  • Day two, to Day five $795.00 per day + HST 

  • Entire 6 Day Trans Superior Safari $5565.00 + HST

    Full trip Includes final overnight in the Sault and flight to Toronto or Thunder Bay

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Amenities & Facilities

PROHIBITED: Smoking, e-cigarettes, vaping
PROHIBITED: Cannabis use
PROHIBITED: bring your own alcohol
PROHIBITED: high-heeled shoes
NOT AVAILABLE: Onboard Restroom
AVAILABLE: Bilingual
AVAILABLE: All weather (rain or shine)
AVAILABLE: PFDs provided
ALLOWED: Swimming
ALLOWED: Children


  • Swimming (at select times with direct Captain consent) 
  • Sanitized Personal Floatation Devices
  • Bilingual Services (by request) 
  • Children 
  • Smoking of any kind
  • Vaping/ e-cigarettes 
  • Cannabis use 
  • Bringing your own alcohol
  • Pets 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Age Restrictions?

Sailing charters are an adventure for all; from the young to the young at heart. For anyone under 2 years of age we ask that you bring a PFD (personal flotation device) along and know that they’ll be seated with you for the duration of the tour. If you don’t have one, we will supply one upon arrival. Anyone 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult and will be supplied with a sanitized PFD upon arrival.

With private Zodiac tours, similar rules apply. Everyone is welcome with special considerations taken by the crew to maintain a safe, comfortable and exciting environment. Those under 2 will be asked to come with a properly fitted PFD while the rest of the group will be supplied with one upon arrival. The route and intensity of the ride will remain at the Captain’s discretion to ensure safety for all.

On mixed or non private Zodiac tours we do limit the age and size of children, and may even recommend some adults take a pass.  This is because the ride is advertised as a thrill speed ride and we will be heading out into the lake to meet any conditions that arise. Customers are expecting this and we cannot safety take small children into these conditions.

*Zodiac trips may not be suitable for pregnant women or those with serious neck or back pain. Let us know at the time of booking and we’ll help you find the perfect tour to experience this great lake! Trips up the Kaministiqua river are generally very relaxed and can be enjoyed by everyone.

What Happens If It Rains?

Part of the wonder of the Lake is its ever changing conditions; the weather is no exception. Unless there is substantial thunder and lightning just prior to the tour and a ‘Small Craft Advisory’ issued by Environment Canada, everything will remain as scheduled. Be sure to monitor the weather prior to the tour and bring appropriate attire to stay as comfortable as possible. Our captains have the final say and will reach out to you in the case of a postponed tour. 

 If it starts to rain mid tour, we have covered spaces to shelter you, come in and let the captain and crew brave the weather. Some of the best photographs and images are when the weather puts on a show.

Can I Smoke and/or Participate in Recreational Drugs on Tour?

To maintain the safety and awareness of everyone onboard, no smoking/vaping or recreational drug use of any kind is permitted when on the vessels, or on any of the adjacent docks or waiting areas. Failure to follow this rule will cause the immediate end of your tour and return to the dock. Any fares will be forfeit.

Is The Zodiac a Rough Ride?

Our skilled captains do their very best to ensure comfort and enjoyment of all onboard. Adjusting speed and course to the ever-changing lake conditions, we look to gather smiles from every guest. Similar to a snowmobile ride, the majority of tours are quiet comfortable to ride on; some have even compared it to flying in an airplane.  If at anytime you become uncomfortable simply let the captain know and they’ll adjust accordingly.

High wind can cause large waves. We will adjust speed and route to minimize the affect but be prepared to encounter possible rough conditions on the Zodiac.

Can I wear sunglasses and/or a hat?

You most certainly can! On very windy days we suggest that you tuck hats into a backpack or bag because there is always risk of them flying away. On Zodiac tours, we recommend that they be worn backwards or tucked into a bag. Sunglasses are best worn securely on your face or around your neck with a lanyard. All personal items are worn at your own risk!

Will I get wet?

With the speed of the zodiac combined with the ever-changing lake conditions, there is always a possibility of getting splashed. With our full-piece mustang floater suits, you’re able to enjoy all the thrills without getting your clothes all wet! On warm days, you’ll be dry before returning to the dock.

Do I need to bring my own lifejacket or PFD?

For any passengers two years of age and younger, we ask that they come prepared with their own personal floatation device to ensure proper fit and utmost safety. We do have PFDs for tiny guests and if you do not have one please don’t rush out and get one, use ours. But if you do have your own we have learned the youngsters really seem more at ease with their own. For all other passengers, Sail Superior has a range of PFDs as well as a Transport Canada certified life jackets for every persons onboard.

*Children 10 and under are required to wear a PFD at all times while onboard.

Can I go swimming?

On select tours, of course! After a tough hike there’s nothing better than walking into the refreshing embrace of Lake Superior. Swimming off the boat is ONLY permitted with DIRECT CAPTAIN CONSENT. Be sure to ask your captain about swimming prior to leaving the dock and wait for the go-ahead before hopping in. Jumping in before getting permission creates a dangerous situation for all and results in the immediate termination of the tour, calling of emergency services and prompt return to the dock.  No refunds will be issued.

Is there cellular phone coverage on excursions?

With our tours exploring such a wide area of the Superior wilderness, there may be moments without cellular phone service; that’s part of the experience! For safety reasons our crew will always have communication with shore as well as the vessel when on hiking adventures. Whether it be by phone or VHF radio, we will have constant access to communication.

Do you have washrooms on board?

Each vessel has limited onboard restroom capacity. Similar to an airplane facility, we ask that nothing be flushed but the provided toilet paper. Slightly different than the common flush toilets, just ask the crew if you have any questions, believe us, you won’t be the first!

The Zodiac has no onboard restroom.

Do people get sea sick?

Being on the water affects everyone a little differently. The captains will do their best to adjust speed course so to deliver the most comfortable experience for everyone. Should someone begin to feel a little queasy just let us know and come join us at the helm; being at the wheel is the best spot to steady yourself!

Are Pets Allowed?

On private tours, we’d gladly welcome any four-legged canine companions. The safety of passengers and crew are of utmost importance so we just ask that the captains be notified and the furry friends be suitable for water travel. If it’s something new, perhaps a visit before the tour will help introduce them to the boats. For everyone’s safety, owners and pets will also be placed together throughout the tour. On catamaran tours pets must remain outside on deck with you and we will have a nice spot and a place to attach a leash. Remember that the pets are subject to the same conditions we are so sunscreen and/or lifejackets are never a bad idea! Please see our in depth booking policy regarding pets.

There is a small $5 fee for each pet traveling on-board with the exception of registered guide and hearing dogs, which are carried free of charge. The $5 is to reserve a spot for your pet and equip the boats with basic pet cleanup equipment. Proceeds will go to a local animal shelter/charity.



Booking Terms and Conditions

See our complete Booking and Refund Policy.

Activity Level Breakdown


Characterized by travel mostly on hard-packed dirt trails or build boardwalks, these tours focus on elements of relaxation and leisure.  


Incorporating elements of leisure and physical challenge, this activity level breakdown requires slightly above average physicality. Delivering intermittent challenge and welcomed retreat, these tours combine the best of both. 


Delivering a challenge, this categorization is equivalent to a black diamond rating. Incorporating steep switch backs and significant variations in elevation, these hikes require advanced physical fitness. 

Very Difficult

For those adventurers seeking more of a challenge, these such tours demand extensive dedication and physical exertion. Leading to breathtaking views and soaring heights, the unforgiving terrain and winding trails confront even the most avid hikers. 

Six Day Trans-Superior Zodiac Safari

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