Porphyry Yoga Day Trip

Thursday, Jul 25 


 Sunday, Jul 28

$199 + HST



When we connect with nature, we connect with ourselves. Spend an entire day immersed in
the beauty of nature on Porphyry Island on the rugged north shore of Lake Superior
connecting with yourself and the land through yoga and meditation. Disconnect from
technology for a day and cultivate a deep sense of connection to the beauty of nature and
nourish your soul.

Included in this tour

Join us for an exciting ride to Porphyry Island in the Superior Rocket. With 500 horsepower, the Superior Rocket can reach speeds of 80 km/h in open waters. This breathtaking trip really showcases the power and wonder of Lake Superior.

See bio and retreat schedule for more details on session topics

Your Instuctor

Curniss McGoldrick

Yoga Instructor (RYT200)

I truly believe that each and everyone of us has everything we need to live whole, meaningful,
happy lives. When we take the time to tune in and listen to our own inner wisdom, the
guidance we uncover will always lead us in exactly the right direction. I am here to help you
remember this simple truth, encourage you to listen to that wise inner voice of yours, and
support you on your journey.
I see yoga asana as an exploration of self-awareness through movement. It is an opportunity
to explore what is possible both for the body and mind, and also to notice what may be in the
way of these possibilities - whether this is tight hamstrings or limiting beliefs. I teach from
my experience of yoga as a wonderful practice to support personal growth and
self-realization, interweaving themes, pranayama, and meditation in flowing sequences of
postures that invite students to engage with what arises with curiosity, playfulness, and
compassion. I mostly teach Vinyasa, Yin, and Hatha yoga while also drawing on my practices
of Kundalini and Ashtanga yoga.
I first started doing yoga to help with muscular alignment when I was diagnosed with
scoliosis in my early teens. I then spent the better part of my early twenties practicing the
physically demanding style of yoga known as Ashtanga and took my first yoga teacher
training with Caroline Klebl in Costa Rica in 2010 to support my personal practice at the time.
Since then, I have explored many different styles of yoga, completed my Yin Yoga &
Meditation Teacher Training with Shawna Turner in Toronto in 2018, and Sivatantra Yoga
Teacher Training with Noah Krol and Robyn Thomas in Winnipeg in 2019. My yoga practice
has evolved with me over the years and I am very excited to share some of what I have
learned in the hope that it can support you in your own evolution.

Nourish Yourself in Nature

  • 8:30 - 9:00 AM Meet at the Marina
  • 10:30 AM Arrive on Porphyry and hike across the island to the lighthouse
  • 11:00 - 12:00 PM Vinyasa Yoga Practice
  • 12:00 - 1:00 PM Lunch
  • 1:30 PM Hike back to the boat
  • 3:00 PM Arrive back in Thunder Bay

Trip Specific

  • Coming Soon...


  • Layered clothing – Lake Superior can be cold even in July.
  • Warm mid-layer jacket and a windproof/waterproof jacket
  • Socks, underwear, shirts, pants, shorts, etc. (not too many)
  • Rain gear - jacket, pants, hat.
  • Good hiking boot/shoe
  • Sun hat with tie for the boat trip and wind
  • Sunglasses
  • Bug spray and motion sickness meds if you are prone
  • NOTE: Limited power is available on the island
  • NOTE: WiFi is available in the lightkeepers house although in a limited capacity


  • Sail Superior will provide all passengers with floater suits and goggles for the trips to and from the island

NOTE: There is not a ton of space for luggage on our zodiac boat. Try to only bring a mid-size bag or suitcase in addition to your backpack or roller bag.

And A Great Attitude!