Hiking Up the Sleeping Giant with Jazzy

LOCATION: Sleeping Giant - Thunder Bay, Ontario - Lake Superior

A group of friends make an 1200′ accent up to the head of the Sleeping Giant an accessible adventure. Taking Jazzy by sailboat, dinghy and stretcher to the top of the Giant. Watch how they do it.

Carrying Jazzy Up the Sleeping Giant

Hiking with Jazzy to the head of the Giant was an absolute adventure, filled with laughter and determination. The day started out as a calm sunny morning at the Thunder Bay Waterfront. Once everyone boarded Sail Superior’s sailboat Frodo, we set aim for Sawyer Bay. With the sails full, the passengers roamed the boat and took in the iconic view of the Sleeping Giant. Impressing everyone with the sight of it’s 1000 foot cliff towering over the shoreline. 

After anchoring in Sawyer Bay, we made two trips with the passengers to the rocky beach along the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park trail. Jazzy made his way, by wheel chair, to the start of the almost vertical Head Trail. From there, his friends helped him into the military stretcher and up they went. The Head trail can be tricky on the nicest days. With stretches of narrow path along unstable ground. 

At last we made it to the top! The view was spectacular and hikers were excited to have completed another rewarding hiking trip with their friend Jazzy. It was hard to leave the Head of the Giant. If it wasn’t for the beef on a bun waiting for us at the bottom, we could have stayed at the top all day. 

As if the day wasn’t good enough, on our sail back to the harbour we witnessed the rise of the harvest moon over the stomach of the Sleeping Giant. With the moon rising in the east and the city lights to the west, I think we all felt a sense of satisfaction and joy. A perfect day completed.