Private Small Group Monohull Harbour Tours

The perfect outing for small groups, these sailboat tours are designed to deliver an up- close-and-personal, lake-going experience to be shared with those closest to you.

A crowd favourite, the 90 min Harbour Tour delivers a new perspective on the harbour and waterfront district. Great for guest of all ages, the adventure is just beginning!

Wine and Cheese option is now available as an add-on to this tour.


Honestly-Highlight of my trip.
B. L., Kingston, ON

Tour Highlights

Catered to small groups and private functions, these packages are the perfect way to explore the lake in a more intimate setting.

  • Enjoy a private cruise around the harbour discovering the waterfront in a whole new perspective. 

  • Turn your harbour tour into a Wine and Cheese delight by adding cheese trays. Option available at checkout.


  • The Frodo and Journeyer are Licensed*

    *Alcohol is not included in the tour price. Wine and local craft beer can be purchased onboard. BYOB is prohibited. View Drink Menu

Capacity and
Departure Times

  • Departure times: By request any time from 10 AM to 8 PM

  • 1-8 persons -  SV Frodo
    1-12 persons - SV Journeyer
    (Journeyer always for any group more than eight, Frodo or Journeyer depending on vessel scheduling for any groups  of up to eight.)

  • Availability: June through September each day from 10am to 8pm. Reservations are required. 

Monohull Sailboats

Ready to Book?

Pricing + HST & 5% Crew Service Gratuity

  • Private Group Harbour Tour: 90-105 min

    The Frodo:

    $360 for 2 persons
    $590 for up to eight persons (incremental pricing as you select more guests). Bring a pet $5.00.

    The Journeyer:

    $360 for 2 persons
    $810 for up to 12 persons (incremental pricing as you select more guests). Bring a pet $5.00.

    Order cheese trays on check out if you plan a Wine & Cheese outing. Please book at least four hours in advance for same day evening cheeses and at least one day in advance if you need cheeses on any tour before 2 pm.

Amenities & Facilities

PROHIBITED: Smoking, e-cigarettes, vaping
PROHIBITED: Cannabis use
PROHIBITED: bring your own alcohol
PROHIBITED: high-heeled shoes
Not Allowed: Pets
Limited Accessibility - Please Inquire
AVAILABLE: onboard washroom
AVAILABLE: Bilingual
AVAILABLE: All weather (rain or shine)
AVAILABLE: PFDs provided
AVAILABLE: Bicycle storage / parking
ALLOWED: Children
  • Bicycle storage/parking dockside
  • Sanitized Personal Floatation Device
  • Onboard Restroom 
  • Bilingual Services (by request) 
  • Children
  • Smoking of any kind
  • Vaping/ e-cigarettes 
  • Cannabis use 
  • Bringing your own alcohol
  • Swimming
  • Pets

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Snacks

If you have booked a public tour:

We prefer no snacks on a public sailing trip as allergies and other concerns exist between guests.  It is a short tour and we suggest something before and or after.  That said sometimes young children get hangry at odd times so a cheese string or non spill sippy cup is not a problem.
We have water if needed.


If you are on a private tour:

Then most snacks are allowed.  But remember you are on a boat, the wind blows everything about, and the heeling sailboat spills things easily. For a short 90-100 min sailing tour around the harbour we actually suggest consuming something before or after the tour but we are not strict on this suggestion.  For longer tours – pack something nice, we’ll make a stop or two to give you time to enjoy your snacks.  Remember the boats, Frodo and the Journeyer, are licensed and as such you may not bring outside alcohol. That we are strict on – it’s Ontario law.

Parking and Pre-Tour Tips

Parking and Pre-Tour Tips for Your Sail Superior Experience:

1. Parking Locations: Avoid parking at the pier ends where “Authorised Boater Parking Only” signs are placed; those spots are for boat owners. Instead, consider parking options like:

  • Across from the skate park
  • Near Bight Restaurant
  • Around the Delta hotel area
  • In the boat launch area, right then left  first exit in the Pearl St roundabout.

2. Arrival Time: Arrive and get ready to board 10 minutes before your scheduled tour time.

3. Be Prepared: We recommend using the restroom before your charter. Restrooms are located in the water park building. Note that they might not be generally open before 12 pm.

By following these tips, you’ll have a smooth and enjoyable start to your sailing tour with Sail Superior.

What to Wear for a 90-Minute Sailing Tour with Sail Superior

What to Wear for a 90-Minute Sailing Tour with Sail Superior:

1. Sunglasses & Hat: Wear sunglasses with UV protection to shield your eyes from the sun’s glare off the water.

2. Non-Slip Shoes: Put on comfortable, closed-toe shoes with good traction to stay steady on the boat’s deck.

3. Windbreaker: Bring a light windbreaker or jacket and a sweater/hoodie fleece. Even if it’s warm, the wind can make it feel much cooler on the water. Most days long pants, jeans are preferred. Some people even like to bring a woolly hat.

Remember, the weather can change fast, so these essentials will keep you comfortable during your short sailing tour with Sail Superior.


On the Catamaran, no heeled shoes, shoes that leave marks. You will be asked to remove inappropriate footwear before boarding. If in doubt bring some soft Croc type shoes, clean white soled runners. Going barefoot is fine but can be chilly.

On the Sailboat, most shoes except heeled shoes are ok.

On the Zodiac, runners/ hiking shoes and most anything except heels. You may be going ashore, it’s good to have trail shoes.

Drinking alcohol on our boats

ALCOHOL & DRINKING on a vessel. Our monohull Frodo is licensed, and as such we are bound by the law in regards to monitoring your intake and service. If you are coming from a pre drinking function and are intoxicated you will not be allowed to board, this only relates to those in your party that are visibly intoxicated and not the entire group. We will deny service on board to anyone who is becoming intoxicated. We will insure that you have a designated DD or someone who is picking you up afterwards. It is our Duty to keep you safe. If your tour is cancelled due to any conflict with the above laws and policies you will not receive a refund or credit for your tour. Boating is a great place to have a drink, it is a dangerous place to be intoxicated. If you think you or your party will drink excessively we kindly ask you not to book a tour with us.

Can We Bring Our Own Alcohol?

Since our boats are fully liquor licensed, personal alcohol is not allowed. There is a selection of wines, local craft beers, and ciders onboard. Should you desire something specific, simply let our captains know and we’ll do our best to arrange for it to be on the tour (at additional cost). All tours will be outfitted with servers as well as customized plans for cash and open bar services.

Catamaran tours: This is boat is not licensed and is a bareboat charter. Consumption of alcohol is only legal while the boat is at the dock or at anchor. Guests may bring their own alcohol. Strong spirits and red wine is not allowed. Remember the crew are there to keep you safe. If you think you or any of your party intends to drink to excess we kindly ask you to not book a tour with us.

Boating is a great place to have a drink or two; it is an extremely dangerous place to be intoxicated.

The Superior Rocket is not licensed and no alcohol will be permitted.


Are There Age Restrictions?

Sailing charters are an adventure for all; from the young to the young at heart. For anyone under 2 years of age we ask that you bring a PFD (personal flotation device) along and know that they’ll be seated with you for the duration of the tour. If you don’t have one, we will supply one upon arrival. Anyone 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult and will be supplied with a sanitized PFD upon arrival.

With private Zodiac tours, similar rules apply. Everyone is welcome with special considerations taken by the crew to maintain a safe, comfortable and exciting environment. Those under 2 will be asked to come with a properly fitted PFD while the rest of the group will be supplied with one upon arrival. The route and intensity of the ride will remain at the Captain’s discretion to ensure safety for all.

On mixed or non private Zodiac tours we do limit the age and size of children, and may even recommend some adults take a pass.  This is because the ride is advertised as a thrill speed ride and we will be heading out into the lake to meet any conditions that arise. Customers are expecting this and we cannot safety take small children into these conditions.

*Zodiac trips may not be suitable for pregnant women or those with serious neck or back pain. Let us know at the time of booking and we’ll help you find the perfect tour to experience this great lake! Trips up the Kaministiqua river are generally very relaxed and can be enjoyed by everyone.

What Happens If It Rains?

Part of the wonder of the Lake is its ever changing conditions; the weather is no exception. Unless there is substantial thunder and lightning just prior to the tour and a ‘Small Craft Advisory’ issued by Environment Canada, everything will remain as scheduled. Be sure to monitor the weather prior to the tour and bring appropriate attire to stay as comfortable as possible. Our captains have the final say and will reach out to you in the case of a postponed tour. 

 If it starts to rain mid tour, we have covered spaces to shelter you, come in and let the captain and crew brave the weather. Some of the best photographs and images are when the weather puts on a show.

Can I Smoke and/or Participate in Recreational Drugs on Tour?

To maintain the safety and awareness of everyone onboard, no smoking/vaping or recreational drug use of any kind is permitted when on the vessels, or on any of the adjacent docks or waiting areas. Failure to follow this rule will cause the immediate end of your tour and return to the dock. Any fares will be forfeit.

Booking Terms and Conditions

See our complete Booking and Refund Policy.

Activity Level Breakdown

Private Small Group Monohull Sailing Harbour Tour (Wine and Cheese option)

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