COVID19 Policy

Given the current state of the global community, Sail Superior is taking various precautions to protect the health and safety of both passengers and crew. Increased sanitation between charters, distancing measures, PPE, passenger tracing and screening as well as  increased care surrounding food and drink services, are all steps being taken to ensure the health and continued enjoyment of each charter.

As legislature surrounding the pandemic continue to change, we understand the need for flexibility. Though we will NOT be offering ANY REFUNDS, all collected fees will become credits applicable to any future Sail Superior Tour. Should the passenger not be legally entitled to travel to Thunder Bay, by reason of boarder closure to vehicle traffic or non essential travel restrictions, and is therefore unable to fulfill the booking, ALL charter fees shall be refunded. Request for a refund must be made 14 days prior to the reservation and supported by governmental regulation.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Participate as an Individual During Covid?

As provincial/national restrictions continue to change, they will take priority in relation to safety procedures. That said, as long as it’s permitted, individual tickets will still be offered.

We strongly encourage people to book within their ‘bubbles’ but  individuals will be welcomed aboard as well. Masks are not required on deck but are necessary any time you enter the cabin or go below deck.

Do I need to wear a mask?

With regulations around mask wearing in constant fluctuation, we ask that guests do what they feel the most comfortable and safe with. In any on-deck setting, guest are not required to wear masks but the crew will remain masked to promote the health and safety of all. When using indoor cabin areas, masks are to be worn by EVERYONE.

Passengers are asked to wear masks on Zodiac adventures given the close proximity of guests.


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