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Welcome Island Powerboat Blast
Friday, June 7
6:00 pm - 6:30 pm$49.00
10 spots
Tour Status : Confirmed
Booked: 2
Available: 10
Welcome Island Powerboat Blast Sail Superior Sailing Tour


*Prices include HST


Tour Length:
0.5 hr
Spar Island Powerboat Excursion
Wednesday, June 19
9:00 am - 2:00 pm$163.85
4 More Needed
10 spots
Tour Status : 4 More Needed
Booked: 2
Needed: 4 *
Available: 10
* Confirmation of departure will only be verified once the minimum capacity is reached
Spar Island Powerboat Excursion Superior Rocket Zodiac Tour

This Ontario Signature Experience Zodiac Adventure Tour takes you to a very special and seldom visited area. Spar Island is Located about 20 Nautical Miles south south-west of Thunder Bay. Accessible only by watercraft, it has a beautiful all-weather bay. Embark on this adventure roaring out past the Welcome Islands and Pie Island. Go to Product Page


*Prices include HST


Tour Length:
5 hr
Minimum Capacity:
Harbour Sailing Tour (90 Min)
Sunday, May 26
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm$25.00 - $59.00
2 More Needed
12 spots
Tour Status : 2 More Needed
Booked: 0
Needed: 2 *
Available: 12
* Confirmation of departure will only be verified once the minimum capacity is reached
This time requires a minimum of 2 to book
Harbour Sailing Tour (90 Min) Sail Superior Sailing Tour

The best thing to do in Thunder Bay? Get out on the water, sail up close to the lakers and salties, look up at the massive grain elevators, pass by Thunder Bay Main lighthouse, wonder at the manmade break wall. Get a different perspective of Thunder Bay with a 90 minute harbour tour. Thunder Bay is an international seaport, 3,700 kilometres inland from the Atlantic Ocean. You will see the best view of Thunder Bay from the water. Go to Product Page


Youth (11-17):
Child (3-10):
Infant < 2yrs:
*Prices include HST


Tour Length:
1.5 hr
Minimum Capacity:
Minimum of 2 Needed

Harbour Sailing Tour

Price: $59

Length: 90 min

The best views of Thunder Bay are from the water! We’ll bring you within feet of major sights.

Welcome Island Blast

Price: $49

Length: 45 min

Join us for an exciting ride around the beautiful Welcome Islands on the Superior Rocket. 

Wine & Cheese Cruise

Price: $169/ 2 persons

Length: 2 hr

Relax and enjoy a delicious selection of cheeses with a glass of wine . Guaranteed to be an unforgettable picture perfect night...


July 1st Fireworks

Price: $35

Length: 60 min

The best view of the Canada Day Fireworks in Thunder Bay!

Lunch on a Boat

Price: $89

Length: 90 min

Enjoy a fully catered lunch and a relaxing sail around the Thunder Bay waterfront

Welcome Island Excursion

Price: $525 / Group

Length: 3.5 hrs

This Lake Superior Sailing Adventure will take you a little further out into the Bay of Thunder. Sail to the three picturesque islands known as the Welcome Islands.

Thompson Island Day Excursion

Price: $1095 / Group

Length: 9.5 hrs

Experience the crystal clear waters and magnificent vistas of the world’s largest freshwater lake.

Lighthouse Sailing Adventure

Price: $1195 / Group

Length: 11.5 hrs

Enjoy a scenic sail to the iconic Porphyry Island Lighthouse

Sleeping Giant Zodiac RIB Adventure

Price: $145

Length: 5 hrs

Take a thrilling 45 minute Zodiac ride out to hike the iconic Sleeping Giant

Spar Island Zodiac RIB Excursion

Price: $145

Length: 5 hrs

Enjoy a fast Zodiac ride to Spar Island and Hike to the Top of the World lookout

Porphyry Island Zodiac RIB Excursion

Price: $159

Length: 6 hrs

Take an exciting Zodiac ride out to porphyry Island. Tour the island and lighthouse

Hike 'n Sail: Sleeping Giant

Price: $995 / Group

Length: 9 hrs

The Sleeping Giant is an icon and mascot to Thunder Bay. Experience it like never before!

Hike 'n Sail: Spar Island

Price: $1195 / Group

Length: 11.5 hrs

Embark on a full day sailing adventure to this beautiful and remote island! Hike up to the Top of the World lookout