I have endless gratitude for Leanne as she kept us safe, taught us more than I thought possible on a 7 day journey and most of all, we had a blast. Since we can't have Leanne on the boat with us now, in any situation I will refer back to the sticker I mounted in the cockpit 'WWLD' (What Would Leanne Do?). If you're looking to learn how to sail or have a proper adventure, Sail Superior will not disappoint.
Chris Wiegand, Collingwood

Drink Menu

Offering a selection of local craft beers, fine wines and ciders, sit back and relax with a  beverage from any of our fully licensed vessels. Choose from a variety of non-alcoholic beverages as well, should you so choose. Cash and credit available.

We do our best to always have these selections aboard. Limited space and high daily demand may cause temporary shortages.

Be sure to ask your Captain about Daily Specials! 

Food Menu

  • Delicious food, the perfect addition to any cruise. Choose from a selection of catering options from our very own Chef Jen's savoury menu.

  • Want to bring along your own long time family favourites or boat friendly meals from local restaurants like The Nook or Bight, no problem!  A 'self catering fee' of $75 includes clean up, dishes, cutlery and utensils.

  • Available for Private Reservations as a tour add-on. Onboard catering must be booked through our third-party partners. All payments are to be conducted separate from the Sail Superior booking. Menu items are not available on public tours. 

Wine - Bottle Only

Ménage a Trois

Chardonnay | California
36.00 $CAD

Wolf Blass Yellow Label

Chardonnay | Australia
32.00 $CAD

Henkell Trocken

Sparkling I Germany
32.00 $CAD


Pino Grigio I ON VQA
28.00 $CAD


Riesling I ON VQA
28.00 $CAD

Frisky Beaver

Riesling I ON VQA
28.00 $CAD


Rose I Blushing Sparkling Rosé
30.00 $CAD


Cab. Sauv. I California
30.00 $CAD

Frisky Beaver

Riesling I ON VQA
28.00 $CAD

JP. Chenet

Pinot Noir I France
28.00 $CAD


Sleeping Giant (473ml)

Northern Logger I Kolsch
White Out l Hazy Ale
360 | Pale Ale
5.25 $CAD

Lake of the Woods (473ml)

Lakeside I Kolsch
Channel Marker | Light Lager
5.25 $CAD


Somersby (473ml)

Spritz Flavoured I ON
5.25 $CAD

Growers (473ml)

Honey Crisp Apple I ON
5.25 $CAD

Stiegl Grapefruit Radler (500ml)

Malt l Austria
5.25 $CAD

Georgian Bay Gin Smash (355 ml)

Gin l ON
5.25 $CAD

Non Alcoholic

Bottled Water

2.00 $CAD

Assorted Pop

2.00 $CAD

Assorted Juice

2.00 $CAD

Catering by Chef Jen

Catamaran Menu $28.50 per person (must be pre ordered, on private tour only. Minimum 8 settings)

Toasts and Dips: Choose 3

Roasted grapes, ricotta, orange honey
Minted pea, lemon, pecorino
Local tomato bruschetta
Mushroom, brie, blueberry, thyme
Radish, white bean, olive oil, pink peppercorn
Prosciutto, asparagus, lemon, asiago
Smoked trout, lingonberry, pickled onion
Dill shrimp, cream cheese, lemon salt

Sandwiches: Choose 2

Crab, avocado, citrus, paprika
Banh mi, pork, pickled veg, lemongrass mayo
Brioche grilled cheese w/ local arugula
Cubans, pork, ham, cheese, house mustard
Beef steaks, peppers, gouda, onions

Salads: Choose 1

Roasted beet,goat cheese, walnuts, buckwheat honey
Peaches, salami, pecans, ricotta, pepper
Green tomato, yogurt dijon dressing, cilantro,crispy onion

Smores Bar

Graham crackers
Chocolate strawberries and fruit
Caramel marshmallows
10.00 $CAD Per Person

Sail Superior Hotdog Stand

Local hotdogs and sausages
Northern hemisphere condiment and topping bar
Side salad
Tater tot poutine
Veggie available
18.50 $CAD Per Person


House cured viking salmon
Pickled onion
Caraway grain mustard
Capers fennel / apple
Nordic cheese
15.00 $CAD Per Person


Ontario burrata w/ sunflower pesto and fig
Debruins tomato salad
Oregano garlic sumac chicken
Paprika shrimp
Harissa hummus w/ pita
22.00 $CAD Per Person

Booking Terms and Conditions

See our complete Booking and Refund Policy.

Sail Superior Drink and Food Menu

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