Lake Superior

LOCATION: Sleeping Giant - Thunder Bay, Ontario - Lake Superior

Find out why Lake Superior is one of the most special places on earth.

When I was very young, growing up in Thunder Bay, my dad took me down to the waterfront one day. We looked at all the boats. I vividly remember a sign that pointed out to the water showing distances to places. The sign listed places like Toronto, Montréal, Québec City, and the Atlantic Ocean. I was 8, so those places seemed exotic. A few years later my father bought our first sailboat. It was a 23′ fiberglass boat that would take me for the next 15 years all around Lake Superior.

In 2004, after sailing from Thunder Bay to the Mediterranean and back via the Caribbean, I realized that Lake Superior is one of the most exotic and special places on the planet. In fact, it is so special that in 2007, the northwest shore of Lake Superior was the first area in Canada to be designated as a National Marine Conservation Area. It is now the largest freshwater marine protected area in the world.

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