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Sailing Landfall
Introduction to Sailing in the Salty Waters of New Zealand The transition from sailing on Lake Superior’s fresh water to the salty waters of the South Pacific took a little bit of adapting. There are many factors that come into play when sailing on the ocean. Salt corrosion, tides, swells and currents are examples of the most common differences between salt and fresh water boating. These variables are especially important when anchoring. The rule of thumb for anchoring
Hiking the head of the Giant in the Winter Hiking, sailing, and rock climbing are all part of a long list of exciting outdoor activities that are easily accessible in Thunder Bay. Within 20 minutes you can be down at the marina jumping on a boat for an afternoon excursion on Lake Superior or fishing at your friend’s inland cabin. But that’s summer. Winters in Northwestern Ontario can be long and cold if you don’t take
Facebook Twitter Google+ Email Link Embed Copy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed. Sailing alongside the Volvo Ocean 65 Race Boats in New Zealand As the summer approached and my urge for sailing grew, the choice of whether or not to join my aunt and uncle’s sailing adventure was too easy. Not only was I given the chance to sail the South Pacific Ocean and up the Huaraki Gulf of New
Festivals & Events in Thunder Bay
2018 Festivals & Events in Thunder Bay, Ontario Thunder Bay will be hosting a bunch of great Festivals and Events again this year. Here’s a list of Festivals & Events in Thunder Bay happening this year. For a full list, visit Thunder Bay Tourism’s brand new website and Events Calendar: visitthunderbay.com Folklore Festival: May 5th and 6th The Thunder Bay Multicultural Association will be hosting the 45th annual Folklore Festival. Take a trip around the world in 48
Thunder Bay is known for its booming restaurant scene. There are fantastic restaurants around every corner in this city. Here is a list of 10 Great Restaurants in Thunder Bay, Ontario. 1. The Silver Birch The Silver Birch Restaurant is the concept of owner/chef Darlene Green. Darlene operated Sweet Dreams Bakery and Catering for over 25 years and decided the timing was right to join Thunder Bay’s thriving restaurant district. Her love of the outdoors