Corporate Tours

Take advantage of working lakeside. 

Are you interested in developing a stronger more cohesive team? Sail Superior offers an exceptional experience that will boost group morale and synergy. Come enjoy an exciting zodiac ride around the harbour, or experience a refreshing cruise out to the Sleeping Giant for a hike to the top! 

Whatever you chose, you will revel in the thrill of getting out on the water. Our tours provide a unique time and space for your team to relax and enjoy themselves, as well as have a great team building experience.  


Experience Lake Superior in all its splendor with your valuable clients. We will take you on a memorable and authentic tour and bring you within feet of major sights. With professional and knowledgeable Captains, we will stop the boat along the way to point out interesting landmarks. 

As you set your eyes on the expansive water, we invite you to seal the deal and impress your clients with the brilliant natural experience that Thunder Bay can offer.

Make your own adventure with our several custom options available to fit your group and budget. The vibrant landscape awaits you and your corporate adventure.

Do you have loyal clients who have been with you since the start?

Show them your appreciation by taking them out on the water to truly experience the majesty of Lake Superior. With several different packages, you are sure to find one that pleases them the most.

Thunder Bay Harbour Tour

Experience Thunder Bay from the water on this unique tour. Bring your colleagues or clients on this engaging 90-minute tour to show them exactly how lucky they are to be in Thunder Bay. The beautiful local scenery as seen from the water, as well as the expansive lake view, is sure to refresh their creativity and inspiration.

Our Captains will point out landmarks and give you the opportunity to take photos. There are several sights to see along the way including the massive grain elevators along the shore, the famous Alexander Henry, and the historic break wall and Thunder Bay Main Lighthouse.

This tour provides a memorable experience out on the water that features the remarkable sights of Thunder Bay.

Our corporate packages start at $490 for a short excursion for up to 10 persons. We can provide catering to your budget and offer a cash bar for wine, beer and coolers.

Welcome Island Blast

+Show appreciation to your clients and colleagues by taking them on this thrilling 30+ minute nonstop ride. Our zodiac operates with incredible speeds of 80km per hour in the open water. This Zodiac Adventure provides you with a great experience out on the water and in the fresh air, as well as a unique perspective of Thunder Bay.

Packages start at $495 for up to 12 passengers. for our round the Welcome Blast. The entire experience takes about 50 minutes. The zodiac is not licensed and alcohol is not permitted on this excursion. 

Welcome Island Lunch & Sail

Have you heard of the Welcome Islands? They are the three beautiful islands that greet you as you sail across The bay of Thunder Bay on your way to the Giant. This tour brings you close enough to admire the rugged cliffs of the Welcome Islands and the winged wildlife that live there. You will enjoy the striking landscape of the Nor’Wester region with a close view of the iconic Sleeping Giant, coupled with the entire panorama of Thunder Bay. This tour offers an opportunity to inspire and motivate your colleagues and clients.

In a sheltered bay or beneath the lighthouse there is a stop for about 30-45 minutes at anchor to relax, have something to eat and drink, and discuss your business plans.



Sleeping Giant Boat & Hike Adventure

Travel by Zodiac or Sailboat out to the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park with your colleagues and clients for a true wilderness experience.

Challenge yourself and hike the Giant. Strengthen relationships by getting out of your comfort zone and accomplish something as a team.

On this tour, you’ll be met by the invigorating beauty of Lake Superior’s open water and the rugged landscape of the Sleeping Giant.

Provide your guests with an unforgettable experience and come experience what Lake Superior has to offer!