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60 Minute Harbour Tour

Take a 60 minute Harbour Tour and zoom up close to the lakers, salties, and massive grain elevators; pass by the famous Alexander Henry; continue up the Kaministiqua River; under the formidable Jackknife bridge, around the Ontario Power Generation power station, and back onto the big lake past the historic Thunder Bay Main lighthouse.

Sleeping Giant Zodiac Adventure

Our Sleeping Giant Zodiac Adventure takes you on an unforgettable big lake adventure! A thrilling ride out past the Welcome Islands to the picturesque Sawyers Bay. Hike through the lush and pristine boreal forest, glimpse wildlife and work your way up to the top of the 1000 foot high cliffs. A quick dip in the lake and a sunbathing session on the cobblestone beach tops off the experience.

Spar Island Zodiac Excursion

Have an unforgettable Ontario Signature Experience on our Spar Island Zodiac Excursion. Visit a very special and seldom visited area. Roar out past the Welcome Islands and Pie Island to a secluded island bay. Hike the short distance up through the pristine boreal forest to the top of the world look out. The high cliffs offer breathtaking views! Marvel at the view of the lake’s largest island, Isle Royale.

Porphyry Lighthouse Excursion

Check out our NEW all-inclusive Monday Special to Porphyry Island!

Excitement, adventure, nature, history, and culture. Our Porphyry Point Lighthouse Zodiac Excursion takes you to a picturesque and historic site. Porphyry Island boasts unique geology and flora. Home to the second Canadian lighthouse built on Lake Superior. Ride out past the Welcome and Pie Islands and under the cliffs of the Sleeping Giant. Take an interpretive tour of the lighthouse. Explore the forest trails and hidden relics or walk the beautiful beaches and weathered rocky shoreline.


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  • Visit Porphyry Island Tour
  • Lake Superior Lighthouse Sailing Adventure Visit Porphyry Island
  • Lake Superior Lighthouse Zodiac Adventure Tour Visit Porphyry Island
  • Lake Superior Lighthouse Sailing Adventure Visit Porphyry Island


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