"Lighthouse Sailing Adventure"
  • Looking up the Sleeping Giant's toes from Thunder Cape, Lake Superior
  • Porphyry Point Lighthouse Visit Porphyry Island Tour
  • Lake Superior Lighthouse Sailing Adventure Visit Porphyry Island
  • Visit Porphyry Island Tour
  • Ontario Signature Experience Zodiac Adventure Tour
  • Visit Porphyry Island Tour
  • Sleeping Giant Zodiac Adventure Tour
  • Sleeping Giant Zodiac Adventure Tour
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  • Porphyry light house
  • Porphyry Island Lighthouse
  • Visit Porphyry Island Tour
  • Lake Superior Lighthouse Zodiac Adventure Tour Visit Porphyry Island
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Looking up the Sleeping Giant's toes from Thunder Cape, Lake SuperiorPorphyry Point Lighthouse Visit Porphyry Island TourLake Superior Lighthouse Sailing Adventure Visit Porphyry IslandVisit Porphyry Island TourOntario Signature Experience Zodiac Adventure TourVisit Porphyry Island TourSleeping Giant Zodiac Adventure TourSleeping Giant Zodiac Adventure Tourdsc_0081_20851623605_oONTARIO TOURISM 2012 SAIL SUPERIOR SHOOTONTARIO TOURISM 2012 SAIL SUPERIOR SHOOTdsc_0044_20230628053_oPorphyry light housePorphyry Island LighthouseVisit Porphyry Island TourLake Superior Lighthouse Zodiac Adventure Tour Visit Porphyry IslandIMG_2968TargetPLShitme

Skill Level

Stamina to be sailing for up to 6 hours, possible waves in excess of 3 ft, for short periods. Moving in and around the sailboat. Disembarking into a dingy to get to shore. Hiking on moderate to advanced trails.


Group (up to 6) $1195
13% HST tax not included  

See “Extended Trips” for longer excursions

US$, CDN$, VISA, MC, Discover and Amex accepted on board.

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Sailing Lake Superior’s Canadian shore is an  Ontario Signature Experience! This Lake Superior Lighthouse Sailing Adventure takes you to a picturesque and historic site. Located east of the city, across the Bay of Thunder and around the other side of the Sleeping Giant, is Porphyry Island. The Island boasts unique geology and flora such as devil’s club and arctic plant species. Porphyry is also home to the second Canadian lighthouse built on Lake Superior (1873).



Experience the crystal clear waters and magnificent vistas of the world’s largest freshwater lake. This Lake Superior Lighthouse Sailing Adventure begins with a beautiful sail out past the Welcome Islands and Pie Island. Wonder at the cliffs of the Sleeping Giant that tower 1000 feet above the water.

The Sleeping Giant is an icon and mascot to Thunder Bay. The Giant resembles a large person lying on their back, toes extended and arms folded across the chest. Known as Nanabijou to the local Anishinaabe. This giant was turned to stone when the secret location of the old silver mine now known as Silver Islet was disclosed to the white men. As another legend has it, the giant was turned to stone in punishment for sinking the white men’s boat and drowning them to keep the silver mine safe.

Beyond the Giant lie the open waters of Lake Superior, and the lighthouses that once were vital in helping seafarers navigate the Big Lake.


Continue your Lake Superior Lighthouse Sailing Adventure at Porphyry Island. You can take an interpretive tour of the Porphyry Point lighthouse, first established in 1873, explore the forest trails and hidden relics or walk the beautiful beaches and weathered rocky shoreline. The recently refurbished lighthouse keeper’s residence is now available for overnight accommodation as well. Here is a direct link to the lighthouse organization that manages the grounds and buildings “Go to the lighthouse“. We take you there and they take care of you!

We will sail back across the bay where you will get to enjoy Thunder Bay from a different vantage point. The best views of the city are from the water! Finish off by cruising around the manmade break wall, and back to Pier 3.

Each excursion is unique. Lake Superior always has something to say about what you will see and which direction you will take. Always lots of wind for sailing but rarely the same direction or force.


We recommend you bring a cap, windbreaker, water bottle, camera, sunglasses and sunscreen. You will need two pairs of shoes. One pair for the boat and one pair for hiking. Your boat shoes should be nonmarking – most running shoes work well. Your hiking shoes should be footwear that you have used and trust, blisters are no fun. Hiking boots, hiking shoes or comfortable and sturdy running shoes are examples of appropriate footwear.

Bring a lunch and snacks or let us provide the food for your adventure for a small charge. We provide potable water on board for those of you who can’t quench your thirst for adventure. Life jackets and PFD also provided.

Take an extended excursion with an overnight on the boat in Sawyers Bay at the base of the 1000ft Giant. Or book a two-night trip that then moves on to Thompson Island or the Sleeping Giant.

See “Extended Trips” for longer excursions.


Total Trip Length 11.5 hrs (8 AM - 7:30 PM)
Passengers Up to 6
Voyage guided by a seasoned captain Included
Generous provisions aboard $30/person/day upon request
Up to 6 passengers for day trips.
See "Extended Trips" for longer excursions.
Please arrive no later than 15 min before your scheduled time.


Monday Daily by request
Tuesday Daily by request
Wednesday Daily by request
Thursday Daily by request
Friday Daily by request
Saturday Daily by request
Sunday Daily by request


Island visiting is under the direction and care of the Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of our Heritage light-stations. Please be advised that certain restrictions and conditions may apply for the use and exploration of the light station. Supplemental day use fees may be requested. Please click for up to date information on CLLS regulations.

Please call or text ahead for same day last minute availability.

Tel/Text: +1.807.628.3333


Extended Trips

Trip Times Price (13% HST not included)
Day and a Half 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM+1 $1795
Two Day 4:00 PM – 1:30 PM+2 $2495
Double bed overnight in the lighthouse (see Policies) $150
Up to 6 passengers for day trips, 5 passengers for overnight (unless camping ashore).
Here is a suggested packing list for your extended trips: Packing List